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NEW HIRES: Is your organization hiring but you do not have a way to properly assess your potential hires’ present level of English language proficiency? You need your new hires to be able to communicate in English at a specific level using content that is relevant to your industry. Typically the interviews go well and all applicants are able to fill out all forms and answer all questions. But after the new hires begin you find that their level of proficiency is not quite the level that you need.  

We can provide the necessary tools and an assessment plan so that as you interview potential hires you 
will have a better understanding as to their level of language proficiency. This way your new hires will have the required level of English language skills that they will need in order to perform their duties and communicate properly.  

CORPORATE CONSULTING: Are you looking to develop a company-wide ESL program at the workplace? We can research and vet the English Language Resources (ELR) that are suited to your organization’s specific needs. We can help you to evaluate and vet local and national ELRs and help your organization provide this very important employee benefit. We are well familiar with the many placement agencies and services that can provide a teacher at your location.  

Whether you are offering your team partners English lessons at the workplace or providing tuition for them to attend a local language school, adult education program, or other community-based ELR we can assist you in locating a resource that can provide the best service for you and your team partners. HR already 
has enough to do!  

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