A company that produces a unique device (we signed an NDA) contacted us with a special request: Could we evaluate the current level of language proficiency of their non-native English speaking team partners and provide a plan as to how they could improve their English language skills? This company needed their team partners be able to communicate at a specific level of language proficiency at the workplace in the vocabulary specific to their industry. 

We met with HR and management, then with the potential English Language Learners (ELLs). We collected the necessary information, assessed the current language situation, and then provided this client with a proposal. Our proposal was accepted. We then met with their ELLs once per week over several consecutive weeks. By using time-tested language assessment tools we witnessed how the non-native speakers interacted as a team in English, determined each of their current levels of English language proficiency, and provided the ELLs and our client with a lesson plan as to how the organization can, using their own internal workplace communication systems and with the support of their fluent team partners, implement a lesson plan that would improve the team partners' language skills and proficiency.

When we offer this service we check in every few weeks to stay apprised, assess the progress, and tweak the lesson plan as needed.  

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